Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Typography- Arkitekt Zine

 Front cover for my Arkitekt zine. Type is finished but font is missing on the computer that I was using. These are quick drafts of my Zine pages. This is the first basis of my finals.
 First double page spread in Arkitekt, Hooray for Carbuncles
Second double page spread in Arkitekt, Architecture News

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Illustration: Children's book illustration

All of these were created using watercolour paints and fineliner, as well alot of time and numerous bunnies! 
Page 1 (double spread)

Page 2 (double spread)

Double Page


More Carbuncles Layouts

Hooray for carbuncles, beginning of mac work.

 I have been trying to create my layout and style for my double page spread - Hooray for Carbuncles. I've chosen a colour scheme but I am still playing around with it.